Since we recognize the importance of your personal information and to protect your personal information of your personal information, we will set the personal information protection policy.
Makoto May 14th May 14
Capital Director of Shu Co., Ltd. Ishikawa Ryo

Personal information is a name, address, telephone number, email address, etc., and points to information that can identify specific individuals.

Proper acquisition of personal information
If you wish, you may want to ask personal information as needed. In that case, the purpose of use is clarified, and the collection of personal information, processing and other personal information is handled within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

purpose of use
For various notices and sending of our products, services, events, holidays etc.
Market research, product development, usage survey, to manage member management

Limitations by purpose of use
Personal information is not used in advance other than notification or published usage purpose.

Manage personal information
Personal information that you have kept by customers can not be unauthorized unauthorized access to theory, or the person in charge with management restrictions is strictly managed, and so that there is no leak, tampering, loss or loss, We will strive to protect personal information.

About business consignment about handling of personal information
Documents about handling of personal information may be outsourced outside. In that case, we select a consignee that can handle personal information properly, and in a consignment contract, etc., we will handle the necessary matters such as personal information safety management and confidentiality, and are required and appropriate for the consignee Our safety management measures are thoroughly supervised.

About third parties of personal information
Personal information from customers has not been provided to third parties.
However, it may be provided to a third party only in the following cases.

· When our company is asked to be disclosed based on laws and regulations
· When it is necessary to protect human life, body or property, when it is difficult to get your consent
· When a judicial or administrative organization cooperates with performing the administrative work defined by the law, when you get a customer's consent, there is a risk of affecting the execution of the office

Disclosure of personal information
If you wish to disclose personal information from our customers, etc., we will respond according to our procedures in a reasonable range.

Compliance with laws and regulations regarding protection of personal information
We comply with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information that is applied.

Continuous improvement of compliance programs on protection of personal information
Build and operate compliance programs on protecting personal information and work to continuously improve the program.

Inquiry about personal information
We will respond at the customer consultation counter for inquiries regarding personal information held by our company.